Sculpterra Winery

insolence + wine

This past weekend was chosen by us as the weekend for wine tasting. The hope was we'd stop by wineries we had heard of but had never been to… we were half successful. It somehow turned into a weekend of photography and Rae's husband with Rae's husband learning how to properly use a camera that wasn't attached to his iPhone with a little (okay, a lot) of wine tasting mixed in.

When you pull up to Sculpterra Winery and Sculpture Garden, you get the feeling you're someplace far more exotic than Paso Robles. With the manicured hedges and amazing pieces of art crafted by world renown sculpture artist John Jagger around the property, it seems more appropriate to be going into an art museum than into a tasting room at a relatively unknown winery in a region with hundreds of other wineries, some far more famous and recognized than Sculpterra is. But, we dare you to find a winery more beautiful than this.

insolence + wine

We had first come across Sculpterra Winery at a Grand Prix jumping event at the Paso Robles Horse Park in May, and by far they were serving our favorite wine of the day. When we sat down and put together a list of wineries we had to go to this past weekend, Sculpterra was one of the first ones written down.

insolence + wine

You have two options once you drive through the iron gates of Sculpterra Winery: head straight for the tasting room or get lost in the beautiful garden. Since Jagger's passing in 2013, local artist Dale Evers has taken over as sculptor in residence. Evers was wandering through the tasting room while we were there, enjoying a glass or two of red wine making friendly conversation with guests and pestering other employees. Our server, tasting attendant (what do you call them? Wine Wenches?) Tracy was equally as enjoyable and made our experience there that much more pleasurable.

We tasted approximately 10 wines (could have been more, since at this point we were what we like to call wine wasted!) Their 2014 Viognier, 2012 Granache (what is it with Paso Robles and Granache this year?! It's been amaze-balls.), 2011 Bentley Ironworks Cabernet and J. Jagger Primitivo Port port all came home with us—as did a couple bags of pistachios and toffee.  

Then we wandered around the property, gazing up at these brilliant pieces of artwork.

If you find yourself in Paso Robles, make time to go out an visit the fine folks at Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden, we promise you won't regret it!

We're told artwork is constantly being added. Smaller pieces of these massive works' of art as well as artwork from other local artists are for sale in the tasting room.

For more information on Sculpterra, you may find them here.