Lovely Letters

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Part of my transition into a slower, healthier lifestyle, was to force myself back to the basics. These days, if my cell phone isn't in my hand it's my iPad, if it's not my iPad it's my laptop. The cycle never ends. When I stumbled across Local Adventurer and their brilliant Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange, I felt an instant rush of inspiration.

As a child, I was forced into a PenPal program through school and that didn't last long. I don't even remember her name, only that she was from Washington. Anyhow, I remembered how excited I was to receive her letter in the mail for the first time. Yeah, it was probably written in illegible chicken scratch, but it was still exciting to be getting mail from someone other than my grandma!

As an adult, all I get in the mail is bills, Macy's advertisements, catalogs from Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn. Occasionally my father-in-law sends me a photo of my husband in the mail, back when he was adorable, had a full head of hair and had zero tattoo's. A pen pal seems like it could be fun; a way to simplify life with a pen and paper and some silly, but thoughtful gifts.

Lucky for me, I came across this seemingly awesome program the last day of the month, which meant I only had to wait a day to sign up for the July exchange. From the 1st through the 6th, you may sign up. By the 9th you receive your partner's information so you can begin getting to know one another. This month, it seems to be stretched over July and August so people have more time getting to know each other. Each month has it's own theme; July is Summer Vacation.

We'll be sending out a postcard in July and a package in August. The challenge with the package is keeping it under $7.

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Have you participated in Lovely Letters before or did you just stumble across it like I did? Have you met anyone interesting through this program or something similar?