Food & Wine Pairings

In my house (and in my mind), food and wine go hand in hand with one another. You don’t have to be a professional chef or a master of sommelier to put a pairing on the table that is not only impressive, but it also has the ability to elevate the food on your plate and the wine in your glass. 


Pour A Glass, Stay A While

A quick glance through our archives and you’ll find an array of recipes. Some are products of happy accidents in the kitchen, others are longtime family recipes of unknown origins and others are adaptations from magazines and other bloggers I am inspired by.

You’ll also find a collection of tips and informational piece on wine, wine pairings and local wineries we love. Most of the recent recipes I’ve paired with local wines that I’ve either purchased myself or been gifted by friends and family, or even the winery itself. Since California has strict shipping laws and some of the wines I suggest aren’t available, I do my best to also recommend wines that are available by way of online wine stores. Any products recommended have been either tried and loved by myself (or family) or by people whose opinions I trust.


About The Wines & Other Important Tidbits

How Wines Are Chosen.

In general, I try to avoid promoting and recommending mass production wines for one simple reason: the small boutique wines are just as good, if not better and are typically proceeded by family owned and operated wineries. On the odd occasion, I may suggest a label that may be available in your local grocery store or wine shop—if it’s mentioned it’s not because someone paid me to do it but because I will actually drink it. I won’t recommend anything I don’t drink, even if it’s a wine varietal I don’t particularly enjoy.

Local Wineries: Our bread and butter.

If you are a small local winery or winemaker located in either San Luis Obispo or Monterey County and would like to see your wine featured on this blog, please contact us. If you have any events coming up that you’d like us to cover or mention, don’t hesitate to drop a line—I’m all about community involvement.

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