Sunday Sips V. 2

sunday sips insolence + wine

Currently Sipping: 2014 Viognier from Sculpterra

This wine was probably one of my favorites from 2015, so much in fact that I bought a half case in December. It’s easy drinking and also holds up really well to food with some weight behind it. It’s fruity and refreshing without being too sweet. As a full-bodied red lover, this is my favorite white wine. That’s right, I admitted to liking a white wine.

Speaking of wine, everyone seems to be busy making their dinner reservations for Valentine’s Day dinner and I’m forcing my husband to join me at the Rhone Rangers Event at Broken Earth Winery in Paso Robles. There’s going to be tons of wineries there, offering tastings of their Rhone style wines. What are you doing for Valentines Day? Or will you also be over indulging in wine?

A few weeks ago on a rainy Sunday, I dragged myself out to go see Concussion. If you’ve done any digging around this site, you might have stumbled across this post where I discuss what it’s like living with a traumatic brain injury. If you haven’t seen Concussion yet, go see it. It’s an eye-opening experience to what life can potentially be like for those who have sustained multiple head traumas and how shady the National Football League is when it comes to disclosing important health information regarding past and present players.

Walking out of the theater, I realized I had apparently gone to the popular showing for people at the old folks home down the street, all of whom seemed upset by what they had just viewed and said football should be banned (ha!). What caught my attention was two couples around my age, snickering and laughing. “Helmets are so much safer now, that won’t happen to our children!” Hearing that sort of enraged me for a multitude of reasons. You don’t have to participate in contact sports to sustain a concussion. Helmets are not going to protect you from sustaining a concussion. It’s estimated that 1.6-3.8 million concussions happen each year. This rant leads me straight into links I’ve loved this week:

loved links insolence + wine
  • Amy runs a TBI group I belong to on Facebook and she hit the nail on the head with her Huffington Post piece about concussions. I really hope all of these concussion-related posts starts a dialog amongst parents and 
  • This past week, I jumped head-first into the world of StumbleUpon. I had dabbled with it previously, but after reading Jenny’s post over at Breakfast At Lilly’s, I decided to try it again. I’ve seen my numbers skyrocket and have been contacted by several companies who mentioned they found us on Stumble. 
  • Being a wine-focused blog, I was so happy to come across Motherhood and Merlot’s post on her favorite wines of 2015. Most of these wines seem to be available at grocery stores, which is a nice alternative for those of you who aren’t ready to dive into the world of buying your wine online. 
  • This post from Unveiled & Revealed hit extremely close to home and I’m so thankful that I came across it this week. Regret seems to be the one thing we’re all so afraid of acknowledging, it’s time for most of us to let go.
  • I’m going super girly with this drool-worthy post from Happy. Pretty. Sweet. How gorgeous is that dress? That’s totally appropriate to wear to the wine bar, right?!
  • Last but not least, as I’ve been getting over the flu and some other mysterious illness, I’ve been gravitating towards tea. If you are a fan of Earl Grey Tea, you must try this London Fog Latte recipe from The Poppy Anthology.
  • Last but not least, I'm in desperate need of warmer weather and The Jetsetter has shared their sunniest places on earth. Where will you head?

Have you read anything this week that you absolutely loved? Share it below so the rest of us can enjoy it!