Ornament Exchange

2015 Ornament Exchange

With Halloween officially in the past, I'm sure most people have switched their focus to the upcoming Holidays. A few months back, I came across an ornament exchange hosted by Erlene at  Mypinterventures, where she partnered up more than 80 bloggers around the world to exchange ornaments with one another. To see what others have chosen to make or purchase, you can follow along here

I was paired with Katie from Love My Messy Messy Mess. She's as easy going and as flexible as I am when it comes to tree decorations—which made my job that much easier! After trying to decide if a) my artistic skills were worthy of a tree or b) that I could find what I was looking for in a store, I eventually went with option b.

While exchanging e-mails, I learned that Katie and I both share a love of dragonflies (I unfortunately couldn't find an ornament with a dragonfly on it—boo!), and after experiencing her first snowfall in mid-October, I thought about finding something beachy, but I wasn't happy with my choices at Pottery Barn. Once she said she loved snowmen and wine, I knew exactly where to go! 

The past several years, Pier 1 Imports has become my go-to for fun, unique ornaments and this year is no exception. When I saw this particular ornament, I was in love. It matches a set of wine glasses we received last year for a wedding present and I thought it was simply perfect—all that's missing is a bit of Cabernet Franc. 

wine glass snowman ornament insolence + wine

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What are some of your traditions for the holidays? Do you use the same ornaments year after year or do you buy a few new ones each year? Do you have a favorite ornament or holiday tradition?