When Your Host Says Bring Nothing: What You Should Bring

When Your Host Says Bring Nothing: What You Should Bring

what to bring when your host says to bring nothing insolence + wine

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It’s no small undertaking to host a big holiday dinner in your home with weeks of planning and several hours of cooking and decorating. While being an invited guest means you are required to basically roll out of bed and show up with your teeth brushed and hair combed, most of us feel like we need to bring something to feel like we’re contributing. 

While it might feel strange to show up empty handed, it might actually be exactly what the host wants.

If you absolutely cannot show up empty handed and will regret it for the rest of your life, here are some great ideas that won’t upset your host (or take up precious space on the buffet table).

Fresh Cut Flowers: chances are your host has a center piece already in place, but flowers are a nice way to show your appreciation and can be stashed in a bedroom or another unseen room. Having them delivered a day or two in advanced is even better!

Wine: bringing a nice chilled bottle of white or sparkling wine is something that guests can enjoy immediately. There’s no need to make room in the refrigerator and wait for the wine to be perfect serving temperature. Stick to the basics though, unknown varietals of wine may not be appreciated by non-wine connoisseurs. 

Board Games: the holiday’s may not be the best time for games such as Cards Against Humanity, but games such as Monopoly and Clue can be enjoyed by people of all ages!

Family Friendly Movies: you don’t have to play holiday-themed movies, but if you're gathering for a holiday, they are sure to be enjoyed by all. 

Camera: I’m not giving you permission to take selfies at the dinner table, but photos of everyone in attendance will be appreciated by not only the host, but other guests as well. If you enjoy taking photographs, appoint yourself the photographer for the day.