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Sunday Sips for April 30th insolence + wine

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Is anyone else as excited as I am to say “Bye, Felecia!” to the month of April? Good grief. I cannot remember a month that was this emotionally and mentally taxing. This entire month, my family and I have learned more about home owner’s insurance companies, life insurance policies, money hungry family members than we ever cared to know about. The process of picking up the pieces after losing my grandparents and subsequently their home has given us more insight into life after a fire than we ever wanted to know—if you’d like us to make a post about the entire experience, the do’s and don’t if you will, let us know. There’s so much more to it than picking up the phone and calling your home insurance company.

This weekend, I’m hoping to get to the final few wineries located along River Road in Monterey County. The region is definitely a powerhouse for both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which means I’m personally having to dig in deep and really taste the wine even if it’s not my personal choice. Be on the lookout for a new post every Wednesday in the month of May for another winery located on River Road who are participating in the Tunes, Trucks and Tastes event in June. Remember to get your tickets soon!


Loved Links for April 30th insolence + wine

With all of these Pinot Noir’s I’m drinking, I’m learning more about the flavors and characteristics. The past week, I’ve been developing a recipe to go with this bottle from Hahn winery, the focus of our feature this coming Wednesday. Order yourself a bottle and read along with us!

Ahead of our trip to New Orleans next week, I’ve been picking up the last few items I wanted for our trip. This bra is so comfortable I’ve since purchased four more in various styles and colors. I can’t recommend it for bustier chests because it doesn’t have much in the way of support, but oh my gawwwwd is it comfortable.

Not typically a fan of British fiction, The Summer Before The War has been surprisingly addicting. 

The House on Bossler Street: The Last Time from Jennifer over at The Champagne Supernova (did you start singing the lyrics, too?) put all of the thoughts and emotions floating around in my head the past month into coherent sentences. Go read it and tell her how much you loved it, too.

The Scofflaw. Go to your nearest bar and order one. Right now.

If you’re a fan of rock/alternative music, check out this song from a new band with a pretty cool connection to the Foo Fighters. Or if you’re a 90’s child, Garbage has recently released a new single

What are your plans this weekend?