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Wine Bars: New Orleans

Lately I’ve been suffering from an extreme case of cabin fever. Except, I’m not just chomping at the bit to get out of the house, but out of my city, and state, too! After much complaining and whining, I finally got my husband to agree to take a quick trip to New Orleans! 

It’s been over a decade since I’ve been there for Voodoo Music Festival and my husband has never been. While talking to the travel agent, I asked her where the “mellow” people stay. I’m not 21 anymore and don’t feel the need to walk around Bourbon Street pounding Hand Grenades while I try not to pass out or puke in inappropriate places. Because I am me, one of the first things I began researching in New Orleans was… wine bars. I know, I’m supposed to be indulging in Sazerac’s, pralines and gumbo. I always enjoy going to wine bars outside of California for one big reason: a break from having Napa wines shoved down my throat. It’s difficult to find a place that only have wines from France or Italy and to see how they’re paired with traditional cajun is an opportunity you’ll only get in New Orleans in a wine bar.

Patrick’s Bar Vin appears to have a wide range of wines to choose from and they even mention wine locker’s for locals to properly store and age their wines. Since we’ll be headed there in the fall, I’m looking forward to trying the Ice Wine from Quebec for $10 a glass. 

The Tasting Room doesn't list their wines on their website, however they do have a wine club and small plates to choose from.

Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar and Bistro is a place several friends have recommended we check out. Their Spanish wine flight ($14) caught my eye and I’m told they have a “bacon” happy hour. Sign me up!

The Delachaise has one of my favorite Grenache’s from Cote du Rhone and they’ve got a ton of beers to choose from for the beer drinker in your party. They also have a chocolate molten cake…

Bacchanal Fine Wine & Spirits is another place that’s been recommended to me. They have free wine tastings every week (Saturday’s and Wednesday’s) and knowing my husband, we’re going to end up ordering the pork belly.

Vine & Dine has wine and pizza. With $3 house wine you can’t beat that.

Have you been to New Orleans recently? Know of a wine bar I have to check out?