Guiness and Maple Glazed Salmon

Guiness Maple Glazed Salmon insolence + wine

This might surprise you, but beneath the natural strawberry blond hair and fair skin lies some Irish in me. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to share with you the least Irish recipe I had. Then I woke up Sunday morning with a recipe waiting for me in my inbox from Sur La Table that I just had to make. 

Guiness Maple Glazed Salmon St. Patrick's Day insolence + wine

As luck would have it, I currently have tons of Guiness in my fridge, which I actually purchased for a braised beef rib recipe I’ve been craving for the past few weeks. If you enjoy Guiness or other foods that are molasses flavored, I’m betting you will love this. My husband who won’t typically eat salmon came into the kitchen with his nose in the air sniffing it out. It’s not too sweet and it was so easy to prepare.

Guiness Maple Glazed Salmon insolence + wine

Serve it over some rice or alongside some maple glazed vegetables for an easy weeknight dinner. Or be like me, have some Salmon with your Guiness. 

Guiness Maple Glazed Salmon insolence + wine

 Visit Sur La Table for the recipe.

Do have have any special plans for St. Patrick's Day?