Labor Day Wines

This past week was a bit of a roller coaster. Not because it was emotionally challenging but because the week began incredibly busy, got slow by mid-week and then by Friday I was buried in e-mails again. Before I dive back into work on this gorgeous Saturday morning, I wanted to talk to you about some great wines to go along with your Labor Day festivities. 

First I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been kind enough to enter our giveaway and ask us wine related questions, it’s really giving us an idea of what you guys want to see on insolence + wine.  

Depending how you celebrate Labor Day should dictate what kind of wine you’re serving your guests but if you’re new to the wine game, you’re probably tempted just to open whatever you have around the house or buy the bottles with the prettiest labels (it’s okay, we’ve all been there.) For years I avoided buying collections of wine because a) I didn't think I needed to spend that much on mine and b) I foolishly thought the wines I liked were what everyone else liked. Well, for you math wizard's out there, buying wine in a collection, whether it's a half case or full case actually saves you money in the long haul. Not to mention, if you buy a collection or two each year, you'll be set for the holidays and every other social event where you'd normally serve (or take) wine.

For parties, I usually order pre-assorted packs from Wine Tasting Network and here’s why: I fully admit to having an odd taste in wines. I absolutely adore sweet white wines (think Muscato and Riesling) and heavy, bold reds (a good Malbec can make me weak in the knees.) For me to buy and serve wines that I like usually means I’m left with several opened bottles that are still 3/4 full. Buying assorted packs mean there is typically something that everyone at the table will enjoy and it takes the guessing game out for you. Simply pop the whites (and sparkling wines) into the fridge the night before and your guests will know what to do from there.

The Perfect Starter Kit

If you’ve recently gotten married and you know me in real life, then you know that this is my go-to wedding gift. In my humble (and valued) opinion, this is the perfect case of wine to either buy for yourself to have on hand for parties or for your friend who is just getting into wine. You are getting wines from around the world that perhaps you wouldn’t normally try. With this amazing case of wine, you get: Cabernet Sauvignon (red meat),  Syrah Rosé (versatile, goes with anything at anytime), Shiraz (grilled meat), Pinot Noir (red meat + fish), Chardonnay (seafood + chicken), Cabernet Merlot blend (prime rib; stay tuned for that recipe), Sparkling (goes with anything at anytime), Malbec (barbecue, pizza and braised meats; recipe will follow this fall), Moscoto (desserts with berries or citrus flavors work best), Tawny Port (here’s a cheese for blue cheese lovers as well as bittersweet or dark desserts; stay tuned for my dark chocolate pots de créme recipe), Riesling (very food friendly, especially salads and thai food) and finally Sauvignon Blanc (salads, vegetables, seafood).

Super Premium Party Six-Pack 

At $60 for six quality wines, you’re getting everything you need for a well-rounded wine bar. If you’re barbecuing ribs, open the Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Tempranillo or Riesling (only if your sauce is spicy!). The Chardonnay will pair beautifully with grilled chicken and a cheese plate consisting of gouda, monterey jack or brie. If you’re serving chili, pop open that Carmenere. If your dinner is consisting of a green salad and grilled vegetables, the Riesling wins. The Tempranillo will compliment grilled salmon or corn, as well as spiced chicken or baby back ribs.

Day Drinking Chardonnays

For $99 you’re getting six quality wines (two of each)! You’re virtually getting a sampling of every style of Chardonnay; you’re getting a couple of wines that you can either drink right away or store for a couple of years to bring to it’s full potential (hello library wines!). You’re also getting an un-oaked wine, which the non-Chardonnay drinkers should love. If you happen to prefer your Chardonnays to be on the buttery-side, you’ll be satisfied, too.

Sparkling Wines For A Crowd

Who doesn’t enjoy sipping on a glass of sparking wine while floating on their flamingo reminiscing about summer with their girlfriends? With this pack, you get six amazing sparkling wines fit for any social occasion. The Schramsberg 2008 Blanc De Blanc Sparkling Wine is amazing alongside crab cakes or by itself while the Schramsberg 2009 Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine is top notch with barbecue ribs and pizza.

Library Wines Sure To Impress

If you’re trying to step up your wine game, this is how you do it. While you might not know exactly what you’re getting with this shipment, you are getting outstanding wines from small lots that are hard to find. If you have a wine enthusiast in your family or someone you regularly host, knock their socks off with this one.

Wine Club For Educational Purposes

If you're interested in joining a wine club, this one is a good place to start. You'll get four shipments of six bottles so it's great for slowly starting your cellar collection! It's a fun way to explore different varieties and regions of wines at an affordable price. 

Is there any specific type of wine that's new to you that you're curious about, that you'd be interested in trying? What do you think of these pre-assorted wine packs and wine clubs? Any that you're going to try?

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