168 Hours: Week Two

insolence + wine

This past week, I once again logged the days of my week. What began as a typical week for me, hit a wall by mid-week. Between waking up in the middle of the night on Tuesday/Wednesday morning in a freakish amount of pain, Wednesday was pretty much a wash for me. Thursday started off normal, but by noon, news of a co-worker's passing put a crashing halt to the day as well as Friday.

Instead of legitimately taking the days off, I focused on projects I was working on that were either nearing completion or things that I didn't want to fall behind on. I also decided to work one week ahead on a class I'm taking (which begins next week.) You will however see that I have two hours in which I wrote down nothing because I did nothing—I was pretty much staring out into the yard.

One thing that I made an conscience effort on was e-mail. My goal was to cut it to 10 hours or less for the week, and had it not been for Thursday's news, there's no doubt I would have been over those hours.

Hopefully the next time I attempt this, it will be a normal week in which my husband and I are actually together and our schedule's aren't completely out of whack.

Is anyone else out there logging their weeks? If so, I'd love to hear what you've learned from your experience and suggestions on how to have better time management skills.