The Future Plus A Wine Giveaway!

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Recently while at dinner with friends, the topic of this very blog came up. Our friends were curious why we started a blog and what we hoped to get out of it. The simple answer: when we launched insolence + wine, we were in a dire need for some sort of outlet away from our day jobs. 

Their questions got us thinking about where we wanted to take this project of ours. When we began throwing around the idea of starting a blog, there wasn’t much talk of turning it into a business in the future or a possible career change. It was simply a way to wind down after work and on the weekends; a creative outlet if you will. Since launching several months ago, our focus has since changed. If we’re able to live our lives and earn an income from it, why not let this be our side business with the intention of blogging full time?

By no means are we blogging experts. Just like everyone else who recently started, we spend a good amount of time researching blogs and how other blogs became successful (however they defined success), and are slowly implementing those tools and techniques to develop insolence + wine something we can be proud of. Slowly but surely, we’ve narrowed down our (eventual) niche and our roles within insolence + wine ensuring that it eventually runs like a business instead of a project. 

Throughout our professional careers, we’ve each worn a lot of hats. Some of us spent time in the military, while others have slaved away behind a desk or out in the trenches of event coordinating and wedding planning. Some of us are stay at home mothers fighting our own demons to keep ourselves afloat. Along with those hats, we have things we are passionate about. Sure, some of those passions have nothing to do with the other, but they’re still passions and something we enjoy talking about and researching. (Though we do have plenty of wine directors at michelin rated restaurants at our disposal!)

One of those passions just happens to be wine.

Nobody involved with this blog wine is a wine connoisseur, which was one of the many reasons why we wanted to somehow include wine in our blog name. For the most part, we simply enjoy drinking wine. We know what we like and what we don’t like; ask us for a specific reason as to why we don’t like it and you’re likely to get punched in the throat or some nonsensical answer. 

Since it is inappropriate to go around punching people, we are using this opportunity to educate ourselves about wine. We’re buying books (they’re expensive!), going wine tasting and asking questions, we’re trying out different types of wine we thought we disliked, we’re learning how to pair meals with wine with the sole purpose of passing that education and knowledge onto you, our loyal readers.

For us, traveling and fashion is a part of wine. Unless you live in the heart of Napa, chances are you’re driving more than three minutes to get to the nearest winery or wine bar. Sometimes wine tasting takes you to new cities that you’ve never explored with beautiful sites to see and restaurants to dine in. With the growing popularity for wine tasting, a lot of brides are opting to hold their bachelorette parties at wineries and we all know how important it is to be the dressed one in the tasting room.

We’re still going to talk about the gritty parts of life because that’s what insolence is all about, we’re just using the wine as a way to finish the day on a high note.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be sending out our very first newsletter filled goodies, but we want to make sure what we’re sending out is what you want. As a way to help our readers get what they want out of this blog, we are inviting everyone who reads this to ask us one wine or event coordinating related question. If you’re new to wine and want specific recommendations on wine, ask us and we shall deliver. Are you thinking of throwing an epic Halloween party and don’t know how to make your party stand out amongst the rest?

As a way of saying thank you, we’re going to send out a wine-related gift (a $150 value) to one of our readers, simply leave us a question and join our mailing list! We promise not to fill your inbox every week, just when we’ve got something important to share. The deadline for entry for the giveaway is Friday, September 4 at 8pm, PST.