Chapter One: A New Beginning

Chapter One

With the entry of my credit card information, I am officially a blogger. At first, I was a little hesitant to jump into the world of paid services and owning my own domain, but the longer I thought about it and the more I talked about it with those closest to me, the more I realized it was the next step in my transition to freedom.

Several months ago when I first began blogging on a free service, it was a cathartic release for me. I was overwhelmed with work, my personal life was hanging on by a thread and I needed a healthy way of getting it all out. I missed writing and needed an outlet that didn’t involve a text message or Facebook. Good old fashioned pen and paper seemed too easy, too much of a copout. I could write down whatever I wanted and know nobody would ever make me accomplish what I set out to do.

When I started opening up to other people about what I wanted to do, I found out I wasn’t the only one who needed to let go of something. I’ve invited them to contribute here whenever the mood struck, whenever they needed to get something out there into the vast world of the internet.

I marked a date in my calendar months ago. I was going to begin this journey on that day even if on that particular day felt like I had nothing of substance to share. What I grew comfortable with was the idea that not every post I make has to have some great meaning, lesson behind it or a story to be told. Of course, the intention is to release quality material and I’m sure as I’ve been doing this for a while and get the hang of exactly what I’m doing it’ll happen more frequently.

Ideally this venture was created with the intention of creating a community where people could gather together and share their life experiences and make some new friends along the way. I have craved an outlet for years where I could speak my mind and not be afraid of being judged for my opinion or views. Silly, yes, but it’s something I needed to work through. Right now do I know how to accomplish that? Nope, but I will figure it out with a little bit of trial and error.

So, let’s all grab a hot cup of tea or a glass of your favorite wine and enjoy what will surely be a wild ride!