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Ladies, this post is for you. As we age, our skin care needs and habits change, and for good reason. For the past six months, I've been using Caudalie products exclusively, with amazing results. Last year, prior to getting married, I had a friend urge that I switch to Caudalie products, however after looking at the prices and not really getting what they were all about, I purchased two products from their line and called it a day. (I went to affordable route, I bought Grape Water to spray on my face.)

Here's the skinny on Caudalie: In 1993, while giving a tour of their vineyard to professors, Bertrand and Mathilde Thomas were informed that the seeds and extract they were throwing away from the distilling process were rich in polyphenols, which is beneficial for skin.

Switching your skincare can be scary. Usually the first couple of weeks are anything but picture perfect: breakouts, redness, dry patches, generally disgusting skin. Prior to using Caudalie, I was using various products from many different lines and while my skin wasn't bad, I knew it could be better, so I decided to make a switch. 

Caudalie Products I've Been Loving

caudalie skincare insolence + wine

If you look through my medicine cabinets, you will learn two things: I love masks and face serums.

  1. Moisturizing Mask has come in handy as the weather has changed from 100-degree temperatures to the low 50's, when typically my skin becomes dry over night. I'll use this once a week, sometimes twice if I've had a make-up heavy week to restore radiance and the smooth texture I'm always seeking. $39
  2. Looking for a mask to tighten your pores, gets rid of oil and immediately leaves your skin looking fresh and radiant? Glycolic Peel Mask might just be your new best friend. For years, products that contained glycol acid intimidated me. This mask was gentle, removed dark spots and resurfaced my skin without being too harsh. Bonus: I had a scar from a bug bite on my forehead that I was self-conscious about, but after breaking this into my rotation it's nearly gone. $39
  3. I noticed an immediate difference the first time I tried the Instant Detox Mask, the redness around my nose after having a battle with allergies completely vanished within the 10-minutes I left on this pink, clay-based mask. I use it once a month, usually around that time of the month when I know my skin is seeking an excuse to break out. Breakouts have since been minimal. 
  4. This was one of the first products I tried and once I figured out how to use the Beauty Elixir, I've been buying travel size bottles for all of my trips. You know that gross feeling after you've been on a plane all day? Spray a little of this stuff and you're hydrated and happy again. I use this as a primer and setting spray. $16 for travel size, $49 for regular 100ml bottle.
  5. Probably one of my favorite serums I've ever tried, Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum is light enough for daytime use and if you're in a hurry to get to bed, your face will be soft and hydrated in the morning (that is if you have normal skin). If I'm in a rush, I'll spray some Beauty Elixir, follow it with this serum and put on my foundation or tinted moisturizer for a flawless application. $49
  6. Who doesn't love body scrubs? Crushed Cabernet Scrub isn't so scratchy that it rips off your skin and leaves your body red and irritated. The smell isn't for everyone (it kind of smells like a barrel room), but it won't leave your your tub slippery and dangerous. I don't use it every day, usually just when my skin seems dry and irritated. $38
  7. Entering my 30s meant it was time for eye cream and after trying several different products at various price points, this has been the first one that I've noticed has made a difference. My one complaint about Premier Cru the Eye Cream is that once you've gone "empty" there's actually another week or two of product left inside the bag its in. Pry your way into the tube to get the last of it out. $99
  8. Yet another serum, this one is slightly more expensive ($79) Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is one of those products that is perfect if you have combination skin, dark spots and even acne marks. I don't use this every day, but I tend to use it when I'm using foundations that can be a bit on the greasy side (ahem, Urban Decay). My 81-year-old grandmother loves this stuff and somehow years of sun abuse (tanning using baby oil and iodine—gasp!) have faded from her face since implementing into her daily routine.
  9. Before I invested in the moisturizing mask, I was using this Moisturizing Toner every day. I still use it, just not as frequently (usually around that time when my skin needs extra balancing) but I'm sure as the weather continues to get cooler, my skin is going to need the extra care. Best of all, it's gentle. $28
  10. Gentle Buffing Cream is a great exfoliator for those of us with sensitive skin. It won't leave your skin all red and irritated; it will leave your skin clean and smooth. It's super-gentle. I'll use this prior to using the Glycolic Peel. However, if you like more abrasive scrubs, this next product is for you. $35
  11. This stuff is like whipped cream for your face, except it strips all the bad stuff away. It's gentle, but more abrasive than the Gentle Buffing Cream, so if you have oily or combination skin, start here. Will be perfect for wintertime. $35
  12. I'll use Gentle Cleansing Milk as a first step of washing my face, usually to get any makeup or sunscreen off of my face prior to using my beloved Clarisonic. It's extremely milky, so if you have oily skin, it probably won't be what you're looking for. $38 

Have you tried any Caudalie products or is the produce line new to you? Which one are you excited to try?