10 Kitchen Must-Have's For The Holidays

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We’ve all been there. Less than 12-hours to go before your holiday dining guests arrive and you’re stomping around your kitchen frustrated that you don’t have the tools you need in order to cook your Instagram-perfect meal. Perhaps you’re newly engaged and trying to compile your perfect registry or you’ve recently inherited a small fortune and are finally getting around to purchasing all of those things you’ve wished you had for years.

Here is a list of must-haves, gleaned from my personal experiences as a newlywed and as a hostess. 



If there’s any one thing that will make a ginormous difference in your cooking (other than following the recipe to a T), it’s using quality cookware. That’s not to say you can’t find some decent pots and pans at Kohls or another department store, but this set from Le Creuset has literally changed my life. 

Le Creuset Stainless Steel 10-Piece Set


Le Creuset® Signature Burgundy Oval French Oven

Having a French or Dutch Oven will change the way you look at cooking. This is pretty much the only way we prepare delicate, tender cuts of meat (such as braised ribs and lamb shanks). Cook it on the stove or move it into the oven and voila, evenly-cooked meat every single time. This is definitely one of those items that would be appreciated as a wedding or Christmas present for the newlyweds in your family. 



Shun Classic 3�Piece Set

Let’s face it, it’s no fun struggling to chop your carrots with dull or cheap knives. If you cannot afford to buy an entire set of knives, invest in a set of three: pairing knife, chef’s knife and utility knife. 






KitchenAid® Artisan Stand Mixer

If you still have a handheld mixer, it’s time to upgrade to a stand mixer. Put your ingredients into a bowl, flip a switch and suddenly you’re free to multi-task. Purchase a copper mixing bowl and you'll never have to use cream of tarter again. Also worth mentioning, an immersion blender comes in handy if you're making soups that need to be pureed on the stove.




Cuisinart 8-Cup Food Processor

Whip up your pie crusts, dressing and soups with minimal effort and free of arm cramps with a food processor of your very own. Shred cheese and assorted fruits and vegetables in the blink of an eye! 






Get into the habit of buying whole spices such as nutmeg and star anise. They’ll keep longer and by using a spice mill, you’re destined to have fresher, more intense flavors in your dishes! 

Cole & Mason Stainless Steel Spice Mill


Kuhn Rikon Garlic Peeler

If you can only purchase one thing this is what you’ve been searing for in your life. Gone is the garlic smell from your hands and frustration from not removing all of the skin. AMAZE-BALLS! Simply roll the garlic clove in this neat contraption, and voila, your garlic has been peeled and you won't have any garlic residue on your hands or beneath your nails.




Never let another bottle of wine go to waste again. Every wine drinker needs one of these bad boys, never remove the cork and enjoy that expensive bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon over the course of a couple of weeks, not just one day. Simply pour what you need and the cork will reseal itself, no spoiled wine!



Rosle® Horizontal Peeler

These peelers are so nice to use, perhaps your significant other or guests might be persuaded to help you out! Here’s a very nice peeler for carrots and other long, slender medium-skinned vegetables and fruits 





Emile Henry Modern Classics Sugar Pie Dish

Yeah, I am sure you have a couple go-to Pyrex pie dishes hanging around your kitchen. Nothing wrong with them. But holiday dining is special and presentation does matter! These pie dishes from Emile Henry are not only eye catching, they also cook amazingly well. 



What are some of your must-have kitchen items for the holidays? Is there anything you wish you would have asked for on your wedding registry that you found here?

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