What We Do

Before beginning this blogging journey, each member of our contributing team has worn a lot of hats, professionally speaking. We've worked in public relations representing a variety of companies (anywhere from professional sports, high tech and even event coordination and promotion) and understand the importance of working with companies and products that fit our overall brand. If you're a vacuum company seeking promotion, we're probably not a good fit unless your vacuum removes wine stains from couches and carpets. We've worked behind the scenes doing copy editing and layout for quarterly reports and issues (and even edited text books for former professors!).

MOST IMPORTANTLY: we're enthusiastic about the content we're producing for our website. We don't recommend wines or products we wouldn't use ourselves. If you see it on our website, we use it and we love it. If something is so-so, we're honest about it.  

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  • If you're a winery, wine maker or wine distributor, we'd love to work with you! If you're outside of the San Francisco Bay Area or Central Coast, we do require additional payment or services. (You can pay us in wine!) Whether you'd like us to review some of your wine or provide our readers with a tour of your winery, we'd be happy to work with you.
  • If you're a kitchen supply company and have a new product you want reviewed, that's right up our alley, too! We're all about finding affordable (or ridiculously expensive) products to recommend to our readers to make their home entertaining experiences more enjoyable.