How to Throw Your Best Ever Halloween Party (with 100+ recipes!)

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100+ Halloween Recipes

 Plus Spooky Halloween Facts and History that will impress your party guests

For as long as memory serves me, I’ve adored all things Halloween. From the fun, spooky decorations, to the ritual of getting to be someone (or something) else for a night, it’s the one day out of the year I look forward to most.

Instead of the usual story time I share with each recipe, I thought I would change things up a bit and share some (perhaps) unknown facts about Halloween along with my most-used tips for throwing an epic Halloween party.

Apples are the single most important item of food associated with Halloween. Not only are they featured in games (bobbing for apples), they are also used for fortune telling. While the significance of apples stems from a Roman harvest deity by the name of Pomona and her festival, the importance of apples actually stems from Celtic beliefs. Apple seeds are used in a fortune telling method of cutting an apple in half, and the seeds are read on Halloween: two seeds showing predict an early marriage, three seeds predict wealth, four foretell travel, five bring health, six show wisdom and seven promise fame. 

Animals, including bats, cats, and owls, are a traditional symbol of Halloween because they are nocturnal creatures. The late nineteenth-century popularity of bats is actually attributed to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Consider watching the campy movie to get in the mood of Halloween.

Bonfires originated as a Celtic Halloween tradition.

The broom is a traditional method of witch magic and travel. In parts of Europe, it’s considered bad luck to sweep on Halloween because of souls seeking sanctuary in one’s home. 

In Scottish lore, cabbage is one of the most important food items associated with Halloween. One can tell fortunes by “pulling cabbage,” either by examining the color of the cabbage itself or its root system. 

Candles are one of the few universally global traditions of Halloween. Whether its a candle placed inside of a pumpkin or a luminary placed near the front door, the importance of candles is widely celebrated. 

The Fire O’ Love (1973)

Take a tub of water light a candle end,

On a flat cork place it, then it floating send.

Write your names on paper, twist the slips up tight,

Toss them to the water — many will ignite.

Those whose names float onward, never, never wed.

Thus an eighteenth-century old tradition said.


Candy Corn was invented in the United States by the sons of German immigrants.

Campus Halloween Massacre Urban Legend first appeared in 1968, where according to a psychic, a masked man will invade a college campus whose name begins with an “M” or a “W” that is located near a cemetery, river or railroad tracks.  He will then proceed to kill students and faculty.

Chickens, particularly black chickens were said to be hung in certain parts of Britain above doors because witches were supposedly unable to go near black chicken feathers.

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), a holiday created in Mexico via a fusion of Roman Catholic and Aztec rites, is first celebrated in the 1740’s.

Dreaming of someone on Halloween night could mean you will marry that person. 

An American superstition, seeing a falling star on Halloween night is an American superstition that means your sweetheart could be a witch!

Halloween, the movie from John Carpenter was released in 1979.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, an American television special, debuted in 1966.

Although Jack Frost might be frequently associated with Christmas, Jack Frost also appeared in some early twentieth-century Halloween plays, usually as a symbol of autumn and the impending arrival of winter. 

Arguably the most popular symbol of Halloween, the tradition of Jack-O Lanterns actually began as an homage to European legendary tricksters, such as will-o’-the-wisp or pixies.

The Malleus Maleficarum, a witch-hunting how-to book, is published in 1487; witch hunts begin.

From Celtic folklore, Pooka is an evil fairy said to have spent Halloween night contaminating or destroying unharvested crops.

Postcards sent for Halloween were as popular as Christmas cards from 1900 to 1930.

An unhappy tradition, Tampering with Halloween Candy was first recorded in 1964.

Wind blowing over corpses on Halloween night will speak the future to those who are brave enough to listen.


Planning The Best Halloween Party Ever

  • Send your invitations out as early as possible (six weeks is ideal so people have ample time to find babysitters and rent costumes.) You can send paper invitations from Minted, or Invitation Box, or online via Evite.

  • Do as much as possible ahead of time. Decorate as much of the house as early as possible; carve the pumpkins a day or two in advance, but not too advanced so they're still fresh and perky.

  • Don't shy away from serving take-out if you don't have time to cook any of the fantastic recipes linked below.

  • Make yourself available to guests, after all, they came to spend time with you!

  • If serving a sitdown meal, be sure to choose floral arrangements that are low in height so people can see over and around them.

  • Choose a theme that isn't too offensive or difficult to shop for.

  • Be mindful of common allergies (shellfish, nuts), and have an alternative available.

  • Don't hold your guests hostage to one part of the house only. If weather permits, set up chairs outside by a firepit so people can gather prior to dinner.

  • Choose warm, inviting music. A mix of spooky music easy going music that entices people to get up and dance is always a great idea. (I have had good reception from Dinner Party and Happy Halloween Music Radio on Pandora). On Happy Halloween Radio, you'll get the likes of the Halloween Theme song, which is the perfect background music to welcome your guests or play in your doorway decorated with black feathers.

  • If you have a large living room, in-home theater or large backyard, consider showing a classic Halloween as the grand finale. I've included a few of my favorites below, but for more inspiration, check out 40 Best Halloween Movies of All Time from Seventeen.

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What are your Halloween traditions? Found your costume yet?