Sunday Sips V. 4

sunday sips 2/7/16 insolence + wine

Currently sipping: It’s been warm here and I thought I’d enjoy the nice 70-degree California weather out on the patio with a nice glass of rosé. Only problem is I don’t currently have any rosé in my collection. Lemon water it is. I’ve made a note to buy my favorite bottle of rosé.

Ah, at last, Super Bowl Sunday is here. The most exciting thing that happened this week was being stuck in traffic in front of Beyonce’ hotel while she was checking in. Or at we were told it was her. How much security does one person need? I have a beef when “celebrities” ruin my plans or make me sit in traffic. For example, remember when Kimye got engaged? Well, she just had to go try on wedding dresses from the salon I had an appointment at and requested that the store be closed while she was there. When my appointment was scheduled. Needless to say I didn’t buy my wedding dress there. I mean, did they really think she was going to buy her wedding dress there? REALLY?!

Speaking of Super Bowl, who are you hoping wins? If you’re reading this after the Super Bowl, what was your favorite commercial? I always adore the Clydesdale commercials. Even if I have long since grown out of my Budweiser stage.

This past week, we’ve been going through the results from our survey that we sent out in early January and it’s pretty clear what the winner was: food and wine pairings. Our first feature is going to be on Chardonnay and we’re going in depth with our pairings (we’ve rounded up some fabulous recipes for you to try out at home!) What should our next wine feature be? Or would you prefer a certain type of cuisine (Spanish is what we’re thinking.) Let us know in the comments section so we can get to work on it for you!

It seems like I never get enough quality time with friends, so when I get to spend an entire night with quality people and outstanding conversation it’s a fabulous evening even if we’re picking up garbage from the side of the road. Just kidding. I haven’t picked up garbage from the side of the road since I was in 4H. But I have planted trees. Anyhow, while sipping on a lovely rhone blend, the four of us were talking about how as we’ve gotten older, our core group of friends have changed. Perhaps we’ve had a falling out, moved and lost touch or simply grew apart. Whatever the reason, it’s comforting to know where you stand with your core group of friends. I’m talking about your ride or die people. The ones who will pick up the phone in the middle of the night, meet you in a diner over stale coffee or help you move a body. I haven't had to move a body. Yet. But I know exactly who to call when that happens. Wine sisters for life! Sometimes something crucial happens in your life and you're suddenly re-examining the people in your life. Who brings out the very best in you? Who always just seems to be there with their own agenda despite your life crisis? Are you there for them more than they are for you? 

loved links 2/7/16 insolence + wine

Daria, the brilliant blogger behind From A Caterpillar To A Blossoming Butterfly wrote about knowing your place in your own life. She asks the soul-baring question (at least my own interoperation): are you tired of allowing the wrong people into your life?

We’re planning another wine tasting party very soon and I’m loving the cheese plate inspiration from Burnt Macaroni. 

Not everyone gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their loved one and this chocolate pudding for one from Zag Left is the perfect treat to curl up in front of the television watching Billions.

I’m not as make-up savvy as I once was and I still detest contouring with a passion, but Angie from So-Called Chaos shared her makeup bag essentials. What would you include? Tarte mascara and a tinted moisturizer with SPF, please.

Tax season is here. Boo. But here’s an awesome blog post from Kimi at Kimi Who? sharing her guide to tax deductions for bloggers. Who else is excited for deductions?

If you’ve recently sold your home or are trying to sell your home, you’ll totally relate to this piece from Alexandra at My Urban Family. She somehow makes the cold winter months of Chicago look semi-appealing.

Last but not least, how about a mini getaway to a vineyard in Sonoma with Renee from Renee Nicole’s Kitchen?

What was your favorite link of the week?