Hello, my name is Rae.

I’m a California native who has a slight addiction to wine. Currently I’m on a mission to find a bottle of Malbec that can stand up to this guy, right here.

Living on the Central Coast has allowed me the privilege of being in the heart of wine country. To the south, I have Paso Robles and Santa Barbara; to the north I have the Santa Lucia Highlands and the Santa Cruz Mountains. You might be thinking “but what about Napa and Sonoma!” Yes, they’re also up north, but if I’m being completely honest with you, it’s not my cup of tea. I much prefer wineries where I can show up in my favorite sweat pants and not be given the side eye from tasting room attendants or other wine drinkers. Some of my favorite local wineries are Broken Earth (also where I got married), Chateau Margene (who made me question my feelings about Pinot Noir), Odonata, and The Farm (who may have contributed to my growing love of hoarding library wine).

When selecting wines to pair with recipes to share with you all, I generally try to avoid recommending the widely commercial wineries that are owned by billionaires who simply are in the business of wine for a hobby. I like supporting the family-owned and operated wineries, which is why you’re not likely to see any sponsored posts from recognizable names in the wine industry. 

My husband and I have been married for two years and we’re currently in the beginning stages of building our dream home where we can live out our happily ever after with our cats and dogs, and whatever other creatures come our way. 

Here, you can expect a simplistic approach to the culinary and wine content. Along with the help of family and friends, we’re learning as we go along; we don’t expect our readers to be experts in the topic of wine since we definitely aren’t. 

Kick up your feet and pour yourself a glass of wine, pick a post and say hello or leave us a recommendation for a particular wine or winery that you love that we should put on our radar.